We know how selling should work.

When it comes to the home selling process, you need to work with the team that is known for getting results. Our model is based on providing our clients with real, valuable, and authentic concierge services that speed up your sale and maximize your bottom line.

What are the steps to selling a house with the Jane Lee Team?

1Schedule an Appointment

Do you feel like you’re ready to sell your home? Take the first step in the process, and reach out to us today to sell. If you’ve been thinking of selling, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for and when you want to sell by, but how much do you know about the market and how to optimize your return? That’s where we come in.

2Meet with Jane

Taking the right steps to selling a house always begins with Jane Lee. When you decide to sell with us, Jane will come right to your door with a comparative market analysis that will help you get a better understanding of what you could get for your home. Once you meet Jane, you’ll see how she gets results for her clients. Her process – and her results – has formed the basis of the Jane Lee Team, and having access to Jane is going to go a long way in ensuring a successful sale.

3Staging and Selling

Once you sign a listing agreement, we will immediately send in our stagers to help make your home look picture perfect. Our Listings Department relies on a luxury approach, which ensures that you are attracting the right buyers that will get you the most for your home. We take the right steps to selling a house because we know how the home selling process works – and it begins with making your home as presentable as possible.

4Customer Care

While Jane is negotiating for you, you will have a Customer Care Representative on hand at all times. This person will be your primary point of contact, and will be able to handle any issues, questions, or requests that you might have during the home selling process. All it takes is one call, and our concierge services will be here for you.

5The Negotiation Process

Jane remains a constant presence throughout the sale of your home. Not only does she help determine its value, but the Customer Care Representative is always reporting back any issues with the home, or the key details that can help Jane negotiate for you. She is always in the loop, always up to date about your home, and uses this insight to help maximize your return.

6Closing Time

Our Closing Department is filled with experts in real estate closings who will help ensure that everything goes smoothly when the time comes to close. They have seen all the issues and handled all the problems, so anything that could possibly happen will be dealt with promptly.

What happens when you work with Jane?

When you work with the Jane Lee Team, your entire sale is guaranteed by a team of real estate professionals who know what client care should feel like. We take the right steps to selling a house because we know what works. Your home will be evaluated with professionalism, staged for success, and negotiated by none other than Jane Lee herself.

The Jane Lee Team delivers results with integrity, every time.

When you work with the Jane Lee Team, you’re not only getting access to Jane Lee’s expertise in the field of selling – you’re receiving concierge services from almost every member of the team, dedicated to making your sale run smoothly.

Want to become the center of our universe?

It pays to work with the best. Reach out today and start taking the steps to selling a house with Jane Lee today.

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