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If you’re wondering which season is the best for selling your house, the honest answer would be ‘It depends on various factors’. Most people believe that spring is the time to sell, but this is not always true. Mitigating factors include which part of America you’re in, the market you’re selling to (family home or city apartment?), and how much work needs doing on the property. Below we’ll take a look at selling your home in summer and provide some tips for getting the best price you can!

When it comes to selling property, just as with any other product, it helps to market it well and make it desirable for buyers. But before you start speaking with an agent and organizing for professional photography or video tours, it’s wise to do a little tidying up.

Increase curb appeal.

Along with the usual garden chores such as mowing the lawn and keeping fences in good repair, it helps to increase curb appeal with a few low cost tasks. Give overgrown bushes a trim. Add some color to the yard by planting flowers and pay attention to the path to your front door – remove weeds and make sure it is swept clean.

A lick of paint.

Inside, walls should be freshened up with a coat of paint in neutral colors. It makes rooms appear brighter and bigger. In bedrooms, choose neutral, lighter colors that are great for sleep or relaxation. This will help these rooms feel soothing and restful.

Clear clutter but not personality.

Piles of papers, mountains of shoes or accumulated stuff that sits on benches or shelves should be cleared away.  While you want the space to look and feel open, you don’t want it to be like an impersonal hotel. Keep decorative items that echo the feeling of summer around your home. Throws, cushions and decorative ornaments in vivid blues, bright golds or fresh whites can help give your house a personality and feeling of bright homeliness.

Light it up!

Now that summer’s here, use it to your advantage – throw curtains wide open, pull up blinds and use tie backs to let light pour into the rooms. Make sure widows are sparkling clean. For darker hallways and smaller rooms, consider using well placed mirrors that can make them seem bigger. Refrain from using heavy scented air fresheners too. Instead leave windows open to fill your home with fresh and light aromas of summertime.

Outdoor living.

If you have a yard, show the lifestyle this outdoor space offers potential buyers. Garden furniture, fire pits and barbecues all show the potential of such a space. Make sure items are not worn or in need of repair though as this can have the reverse impression!

Keep it clean.

Make sure everything is as clean as a whistle and any small repair jobs have been seen to. Carpets should be professionally cleaned, windows given the once over inside and out, and curtains laundered. Furniture should also be clean and tidy. An untidy or dirty home is less attractive to buyers and often viewed in a negative light.

Finally, summer is one of the busiest times of year for some. Holidays, spending time with friends and family or simple work commitments can make it difficult for buyers to squeeze in time for viewing. Be relaxed with viewing times or consider flexible open house hours to accommodate potential buyers. You need to show your home to sell it.

Guest Post by: Stephanie James

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